Baptist Church


TROY, VA  22974




At Beaver Dam Baptist Church we never ask our members to do more than the Bible clearly teaches.  We only expect our members to do what the Bible calls every Christian to do.  These responsibilities are spelled out in Article V. Section 1 of our constitution.  We encourage every potential member to participate in our Discovering Church Membership Class which is offered twice a year.


1.  We voluntarily pledge ourselves to place Christ and loyalty to Him above all loyalties, and to seek to learn to love Him above all else.

2.  We voluntarily pledge ourselves to be faithful in attendance and participation in the worship, business and education meetings of our church, motivated by our love for Christ and our desire to be an active part of his church.

3.  We voluntarily pledge ourselves to be responsible Christians, representing Christ and his church and to conduct ourselves in our various activities as we believe Christ would have us live.

4.  We believe God desires the salvation of all people of all nations.

5.  We pledge ourselves to study the scripture concerning the matter of financial stewardship.

6.  Recognizing the church as a spiritual democracy, we will respect the right of others to hold their opinions and will encourage the expression of these views even if different from our own.

7.  If at times we find ourselves at odds with any of our brethren, we will seek to do all in our power to effect an understanding reconciliation, to seek to heal any hurt we may have caused, to forgive readily any who have hurt us, and to seek to keep the strongest ties of Christian love within our fellowship.

8.  In our personal lives, we will seek to grow in the meaningfulness of prayer and Bible study.

9.  We voluntarily pledge that within the limitations of health, abilities and personal obligations, we will be active and useful members of our church.

10.  We accept church membership as a sacred responsibility and will never leave it in anger or haste.


Any person may offer him/herself as a candidate for membership in this church.  All such candidates shall be presented at any regular church worship service for membership by acclamation in any of the following ways:

  1. Profession of faith as a candidate for baptism by immersion.
  2. Promise of a letter of recommendation from another Christian church that affirms the doctrine of the Trinity.
  3. Restoration upon a statement of prior conversation experience and baptism in a Christian church that affirms the doctrine of the Trinity, when a letter is not obtainable.