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Beaver Dam Baptist Church

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In the early days of Baptist life in the community of Troy, the Church was regarded as being  the people and the place where they met to worship. It was often referred to as "The Meeting House."  Three highly regarded men among Virginia Baptist were very involved in the community in the early 1800’s.  They were William Hyter of Stafford County, John Goss of Buckingham and James Fife who had come to America from Scotland and lived in Richmond.  It is easy to see why these three men were so influential in the establishment of Upper Beaver Dam Meeting House.  Their ties to the community, faithfulness to family and willingness to preach and minister without much support had to be compelling for the citizens.


In 1831 their work resulted in several events.  First a deed dated October 29, was drawn which states that William and Nancy Biggers gave one acre of land.   Second, Trustees were named:  Robert Lindsay, William Allegree, John H. Wheeler, Stephen Gooch, John M. Harlowe, John Omohundro and William S. Sadler.  Folks who lived in the community were identified by name and charged with the responsibility to “erect and build a House or a place of Worship…for use of the members of the Baptist Denomination under their care and control…” (quote from original Church Deed).


The next day, October 30, 1831, the Upper Beaver Dam Meeting House held their first worship service and met to constitute the church.  The location was a quarter mile north of the existing location just north of Route 250.  Ten males and twenty females joined that day as listed in Minute Book 1.


There are two thoughts about the name given to the church – the citizens attending probably wanted to connect the church name to a small creek that ran very close to the original meeting house location.  The creek still exists today.  And, there was/is another Beaver Dam Church in Hanover County, Virginia, therefore in order to distinguish a difference, the three gentlemen recommended adding the word “Upper”.  


Records indicate that attendance grew so much that additional benches were made.  In September of 1856 the congregation voted to proceed with the construction of a new building to be located a quarter mile south of the old meeting house at its present day location and the bricks were to be made from the clay found on-site.  The sanctuary was designed to include a three-sided balcony.  The Upper Beaver Dam Meeting House was sold for $60.00 and moved in 1858 to be used for a school building.  The land and the stove sold for $10 each.  


The ministry of the first pastor was from 1831 to 1856 with no other information in the church records.  It is known that he died in 1870 and was buried in Kents Store, Virginia.


Church records indicate that the early years were busy with weddings, births, baptisms, funerals, African-Americans being added, and the creation of Sunday School and a library (one of two in the area).


Since that time the name changed to Beaver Dam Baptist Church and has had twenty pastors, and volumes of committed lay people and staff personnel to establish an exciting ministry.   A portico was added in 1971 and a 2500 sq. ft. multi-purpose room in 2000 and several other additions have brought us to this point in time.


Through all of the years, pastors and members we

have celebrated God’s forgiveness and goodness,

held onto traditions, encouraged evangelism and

supported missions close to home and around the

globe.  Beaver Dam Baptist Church continues to

reach out to a growing, ever-changing community

with the message of a vital life-transforming

relationship with Jesus Christ.