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A people of God committed to Passionate Worship,

Building Community, Making Disciples and Impacting the World 



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PARENTS: Age-appropriate worship and teaching below from Life.Church.   

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Watch and re-watch the videos from Vacation Bible School on our church's YouTube page: DAY 1   DAY 2   DAY 3   DAY 4   DAY 5.  (we have some extra activity packets and accessories at the church if you'd like to stop by and pick one up)




Be deliberate in your worship this morning.  Yeah, we still we can't worship together....but God knows what's going on and He is pleased with your worship...whatever it looks like.  Read what the Psalmist says: 


Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;

   let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving

   and extol him with music and song.


For the Lord is the great God,

   the great King above all gods....


Come, let us bow down in worship,

   let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;


Psalm 95.1-3, 6


Relax.  Take a deep breath.  Thank God for this time alone with Him.  Worship.


WORSHIP THROUGH SINGING (Sing along with Madeleine!) 







TAKE MY LIFE AND LET IT BE (Wonderful hymn performed by Madeleine and her family) 




Use this time to share with God any needs and concerns that you have knowing that He wants us to do this!  Pray for those on our prayer list.  If you need an updated prayer list, contact the church office HERE.  


A Prayer for these days: God Will Never Cancel Us


"therefore he will rise up to show you compassion." Isaiah 30:17


Heavenly Father, what a fabulous way to begin this Friday, and enter our weekend—hearing you say you long to be gracious to us. For the stressors of this season are stretching the resources of our hearts. Thank you for promising rest for the weary, not a pep-talk for slackers.


We’re not facing Israel’s crisis, during Isaiah’s day—when you first spoke these comforting words. The Assyrian and Babylonian armies aren’t on the horizon. Our stressors include a virus that won’t go away, and a country that has lost its way; ever-changing work-scenarios in front of us, and relational-dynamics inside of us.


Living in a “cancel-culture” is exhausting, Father. Old quotes and new mis-speaks get us shamed and “canceled.” Not towing the “party line,” or daring to offer a different view, get us labeled and rejected. Where’d all the meanness come from?


We are a gazillion times grateful that you will never cancel us, Father. We are fully and eternally accepted in Jesus—known, loved, and secure. The only things you have canceled are the demands of the Law that stood against us, and the weight of our guilt that festered inside us. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


We repent of listening to the squawking voices of human “parakeets,” more than the comforting voice of the blessed “Paraclete”—God the Holy Spirit. We repent of under-believing the Gospel, and over-indulging news feeds. We repent of making too much time for vexation, and not enough time for adoration.


Father, as you rise to show us compassion, we sit down, shut up, get still and “let you” be gracious to us. Help us reestablish the rhythms of Gospel-shaped thinking and resting. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus lovely and loving name.


(Taken from Scotty Smith's blog, June 26, 2020)



Use this time to thank God for his many blessings and provision in your life.   

(Don't forget to say 'thank you' to God and worship him in your giving--you may send in your tithes and offerings by mail or through your bank's online bill pay or safely through this website HERE). You may also drop your offerings between the double doors in the atrium on the east side of the church building.




WORSHIP THROUGH GOD'S WORD - Open your bibles to EXODUS 14.1-18 (it's always good to follow along!) 


Listen to Pastor Greg's Sermon : WHEN YOU FEEL CORNERED 


View the sermon outline HERE 



BENEDICTION: (based on Ephesians 3.17-20) 


As you go into the coming week,

may your roots go down deep

into the soil of God’s marvelous love.

And may you come to know

how wide,

how long,

how high,

and how deep

God’s love for you really is.


All glory to God,

who is able to accomplish infinitely more

than we would ever dare to ask or imagine!


Go with God!



Depart from this worship time in peace and have a great week!


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for June 28, 2020  

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or call 434-295-0277.  


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